About WHCI

World Health Care Infrastructures grew from the US’s fifth largest metropolitan area’s domestic Ryan White Planning Coalition and Fiscal Agent with over 20 years of experience and has expanded its scope, outreach, and services to four continents. Working in collaboration with governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and pharmaceutical firms worldwide, WHCI has strategically positioned itself as a primary facilitating agent to assist and add value in preventive health care by building infrastructures among existing local hospitals, health care providers and practitioners, faith based organizations and other relevant social and cultural partners. In all of its projects, WHCI’s practical objective is to empower persons to manage their own health care by providing effective outreach, education, prevention, counseling and testing, and linkages to direct medical care. Our purpose is to establish a sustainable, culturally appropriate continuum of care in the countries with whom we collaborate.

TPAC/WHCI is a registered 501(c)3 non profit organization.


WHCI Description of services

WHCI’s campaigns are different from other charities and programs. Our resources are and will be given directly to the affected areas because there are no intermediaries. WHCI’s works directly with agencies and providers of service in and from affected areas.  By our Board of Directors’ dictate, we do not nor ever will operate with an administrative cost over 10% of our costs which means that more minimally 90% of our revenues are and will be spent to provide services directly to the targeted populations which we serve. WHCI can achieve this economy of scale because of the human investment and capital of our volunteers on the ground.


For more information about WHCI, contact Larry Hochendoner via phone at 215.988.9970 x309 or send him an email at Ljh@worldhci.org