tpac pic 5Our Mission:

TPAC’s mission is to ensure the availability and coordination of comprehensive and integrative health and social services to individuals who experience:

– Lack of affordable whole healthcare


– Sexually Transmitted Infections

– Behavioral Health challenges

– Challenges Navigating the System

Meeting the Challenge:

Since 1989 TPAC has proactively met the challenges of ensuring the provision of health and social services to those infected or affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and secured the resources necessary to support those services. In addition to direct health services, we provide local, regional and international (dba World Health Care Infrastructures) leadership training, capacity building, technical assistance, and program coordination to community-based service organizations. TPAC is a leader in certification trainings for:

– HIV/HEP C and STI’s counselors and the use of multiple rapid testing diagnostics

– Language interpretation

– Sexual Assault and HIV

Through a participatory strategic planning process TPAC/WHCI employs and follows National Principals and the best public health science. TPAC promotes compassion, commitment, trust, and self-advocacy.  TPAC addresses HIV related prevention, care, and supportive services through:

– Enhancing the quality of life,
– Minimizing the further spread of HIV, Hep C and other STI’s,
– Providing financial protection from the costs of ill-health,
– Promoting holistic health and well-being,
– Affirming the human right to dignity and respect,
– Generating active membership within our communities,
– Strengthening cultural awareness and support for diversity, and
– Encouraging collaboration in prevention and care planning.

TPAC is a registered 501(c)3 non profit organization.