Prevention Counseling and Technical Assistance:

1. Counseling & Testing for HIV and Hepatitis C
2. Popular Opinion Leaders Program
(Contact Anita or Moses, Exts. 302/310)

Medical Services for People With HIV:

1. Medical and Social Services for immigrants & General Medical services for the uninsured
2. Individual Counseling
(Contact 215-988-9970)

North Philly Pharmacy Project:

1. Counseling, Testing, Outreach
2. Latino Support Groups
3. System Navigation
4. Medical Services and Medications (340 B Program)
(Contact 215-988-9970)

Transformation Group TPAC and JFK Behavioral Health Center:

Therapeutic Support group for trans women, trans men, gender variant, and gender nonconforming.

The Transformation group focuses on identifying social norms in regards to emotional abuse in the transgender individual relationships with the hypothesis that traditional social norms can indicate actual or potential for engaging in high risk behaviors and/or sexual abuse, and thus the potential for HIV transmission or retransmission.  In emotionally discriminative situations, the person being rejected is more likely to experience self-doubt and fear for safety- and be less likely to actually initiate discussion – around safer sex precautions. This increases their risk of contracting HIV and other STIs. Even if there is no actual physical violence involved, the threat of violence and discrimination can pressure someone into unsafe situations in order to “escape” and/or avoid the “pain”.

(Contact Roberta, Ext. 301)

Medical Services for People with HIV/AIDS and Immigrants:

Dr. Helena Kwakwa is a leader in the area of treatment compliance and treatment adherence and is a widely recognized HIV/AIDS specialist. She is the Medical Director of TPAC.  Mr. David Agosto, CRNP,FNP-BC, currently provides medical services including HIV/AIDS services to all individuals who are under-insured and uninsured, as well as general medical practice for immigrants and LGBT communities.

Please contact the office at 215-988-9970 to set up an appointment. Hablamos español.  This service is sponsored in part by North Philly Pharmacy.

2127 N. 6th Street, Philadelphia, PA  Tel. 215-763-7080.