TPAC offers many certification and training programs throughout the year. Some of our certification programs include:


The Technical Assistance Training Program:

The main goal is to continue the successful mission of building an interconnected network of organizations in the Philadelphia region that will ensure an increased access to care services for hard to reach at risk minority communities.  In addition this expands the program’s focus to mental health service providers by collaborating closely with JFK Behavioral Health Center.

TPAC works with non-profit community based organizations to provide capacity building activities that improve the ability of the agency to manage, fund and operate effective prevention education and care services.

TPAC continues to prepare organizations to implement the Rapid HIV counseling and testing programs, highly effective programs that provide HIV/AIDS screening, prevention education and referrals to care services. TPAC also certifies Prevention Counselors to perform pre- and post- test counseling and to use rapid testing technology. We provide the trainings necessary to effectively serve individuals, recently released from incarceration and individuals with mental health and substance abuse issues. TPAC provides technical assistance in the form group trainings and one-on-one sessions.

Upcoming Trainings:

* Counseling, Testing, and Referrals Training Certification (Also known as the Prevention Counseling and Testing Certification)
* Language Interpreting Certification
* Sexual Violence and HIV Certification (Also known as the Sexual Assault & HIV Training)
* Culture and Diversity
* Mental Health/Drugs & Alcohol
* Medical Interpretation Certification
* HIV/AIDS related trainings
* TA Strategic Planning for CBO’s

For more information, please contact:
Larry Hochendoner
Senior Partner/MeHTAP Director
Tel: ext. 309
Fax 215-988-9902

Social Services Capacity Building:

* Access to Care through Service Volunteer Program
1. Clothing Bank/Education/Outreach/Counseling and Testing/Food
2. Intern/volunteer & community service opportunities for students and community peers
(Contact Antoinette or Linda ext. 301)

* Mental Health/Technical Assistance Trainings
1. Counseling Testing and Referrals Training Certification
2. Language Interpreting Certification
3. Sexual Violence and HIV Certification
4. Culture and Diversity
5. Mental Health/Drugs & Alcohol
6. HIV/AIDS related trainings
7. TA Strategic Planning for CBO’s, etc.
(Contact Anita or Larry, exts. 302/309)

Non-profit Evaluation and Finance Capacity Building:

* Program Evaluation and Technical Assistance
TPAC/WHCI is an expert on the collection of data with respect to HIV/AIDS services and the evaluation of  HIV/AIDS Service Delivery. TPAC/WHCI can assist in development and implementation of program  evaluation for a variety of program interventions.

In addition, TPAC/WHCI works both nationally and internationally, providing administrative, programmatic,  and financial technical assistance to CBO’s and NGOs that provide health care, HIV/AIDS, and employment  services. Also providing technical assistance in educational program development focusing on information  echnology, data security, public policy and administration.

* Finance and Resource Development
TPAC/WHCI provides technical assistance and fiscal incubator services managing the financial operations  for profit and non-profit organizations. TPAC/WHCI has extensive experience in monitoring and training  government sub-grantees on fiscal relations, as well as coordinating and monitoring federal, state, and  organizational budgets. TPAC/WHCI  provides Quality Management and TA in Fiscal responsibility including  resource development and grants management.

* World Health Care Infrastructures
International Services – for more information please visit WHCI
(Contact Larry or Moses, exts. 309/310)