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Access to Care Through Service (ACTS):

Born from our AmeriCorps national direct program, ACTS is the first volunteer program to self-empower individuals in the HIV/AIDS community. Following the format of self-empowering groups of other organizations across the country, the program develops an atmosphere of service learning opportunities and various educational programs that have a deep impact on members and their communities and enhance their quality of life.

Educational programs offered to volunteers include basic Case Management Skills, Living with HIV/AIDS, Medical Treatments and Oral Health, Cultural Diversity, Managed Care, HIV and Immigration, Sex Education, Self- Esteem, Decision Making, Values Clarification as well as Developing Job Skills.

The Consortium provides a place where members can take charge and be actively involved in the planning, development and coordination of AIDS services. We feel that services provided to persons with HIV/AIDS should be designed from the consumer’s point of view. It is our responsibility to ensure that consumers can access the services essential to their basic needs and health.

These opportunities are avaiable for anyone who wants to serve, including internship students (undergraduate & graduate) and those who need to complete community service hours.

For more information contact Linda at 215-988-9970